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22 Sep

조이너스 케어, 노스사이드병원 「무료 전립선 암 검진」 돕는다

by Joynus Robot Sep 22, 2016 0

조이너스 케어(Joynus Care)가 노스사이드병원(NorthSide Hospital)과 협력하여 9월 19일(월)부터 21일(수)까지 한인을 대상으로 「무료 전립선 암 검진」 신청을 돕는다. 신청을 원하는 대상은 678-248-5832(조이너스 케어)로 연락하면 된다. 대상은 40~75세 사이의 남성이며, 지난 1년간 전립선 검사를 받지 않았고 보험이 없거나 보험 혜택에 제한이 있는 분이며, 장소는 노스사이드병원 포사이스 (NorthSide Hospital-Forsyth, 주소: 1100 Northside Forsyth […]

22 Sep

조이너스 케어, 감사 경품 대잔치

by Joynus Robot Sep 22, 2016 0

  조이너스 케어(대표 최은숙)가 지난 Korean Festival에서 65세 이상을 대상으로 펼친 감사 경품 대잔치 당첨자 명단을 지난 9월 22일 발표했다. 1등 1명(48” 대형 TV): 이금실 2등 2명(고급 황토 참숯 매트):김정, 왕은기 3등 3명(혈압 측정기): 양진성, 나재웅, 성영국 4등 10명(고급 경침): So Ye Chu, Raymond Ki Duk Kim, Jung Hee Kim, Puja So, […]

15 Feb

Asian Americans are not homogeneous.

by Joynus Robot Feb 15, 2016 0

Asian Americans are not homogeneous. Rather, they are diverse ethnic groups originating from approximately 52 different Asian countries from the Far East, Southeast Asia, and the Indian subcontinent. Among all Asian Americans there are common traits, such as strong family values, emphasis on education, preserving traditions, and valuing personal relationships. […]

14 Feb

Foot Reflexology Class

by Joynus Robot Feb 14, 2016 0

We care deeply about community education. When we know more about our body, we can keep it healthy. It’s great to have many clients and provide home care services to clients, but that’s just medicine on the wound. To prevent wound, we educate seniors.  

13 Feb

Language Barrier in Healthcare

by Joynus Robot Feb 13, 2016 0

This is not intended to laugh together while watching a television show expressing how language line can be impractical

12 Feb

Asian Health

by Joynus Robot Feb 12, 2016 0

Asian American Health Concerns   Similar to other communities of color, there exist tremendous disparities in health outcomes and indicators among the Asian American community.  Disproportionate burdens of health conditions affecting this population across the United States include cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, hepatitis B, and osteoporosis.   National-level data indicate […]

16 Jan

Joynus Care Seminar

by Joynus Robot Jan 16, 2016 0

Outreach Director of Joynus Care, Grace Kang has many jobs. On normal days, she is speaking with Hospitalist for Joynus Care’s ongoing application with Department of Community Health for a Home Health Agency for Limited English Proficient community, she is speaking with elderly about feasibility on giving up medicare for […]