Living in, coming to a clean home feels refreshing and welcoming. Our body naturally resists dirty stains on kitchen counter, spills on the carpet by associating with germs. 


It starts from keeping the counter top clean, disinfecting to taking a close look at cracks and grooves. Keeping dishes dry and emptying dish washer. Putting away pots, pans, seasonings, towels all in same place so when our senior parent cooks next time, they know where to find them. A refrigerator shouldn’t have anything expired or growing. After cooking, if the cleaning is not done properly, grease, oil and crumbs can build up and start to smell.

Organize & Keep tidy

Losing remote control and finding it in the crack of the sofa can be frustrating. Our caregivers will keep everything tidy and place things where they belong and make sure toilet paper is available. This also includes checking mails and help paying bills on time and organize all important documents in the right place.


You can tell a lot about someone with cleanliness of bathroom. Bathroom is our private sanctuary. We want to clean towels available, clean toilet, no water mark on the counter top, bathroom cabinet should be neatly organized

Laundry & Ironing

Even when we are home and nobody can see us, we would prefer to wear clean and wrinkle free clothes. Our caregivers can help your senior parent look their best

Change Linen

It sure feels great climbing into crisp clean sheets. Yet changing bed linens can be a challenge for seniors and disabled. Our caregivers can ensure your loved one get a good night sleep in a clean bed.