As our senior parents age their ability to do daily tasks decline. Fading eye sight limits them from going to places. Arthritis limits them from bathing or dressing themselves. They don’t want to go to facility. They only want to livelife the way they want it in their own comfortable home. This includes not losing their independence and not becoming burden to their children. They do not want to complain or admit they can’t take care of themselves.

Live in

Our caregivers attend to all their needs of daily living and spend the night in the senior parent’s home. They do sleep at night on the overnight shift but are there to help client at all hours

24/7 Care

Some senior parents need constant care at all hours. Even at night they may wake often, wander, and suffer from medical conditions. Joynus Care provides two to three rotating caregivers to care for senior parents’ need at all hours.

Skilled Nursing Services

  • Medical needs
  • Surgical needs
  • Geriatrics
  • Ventilators
  • Mental Retardation
  • Pregnancy related services
  • Pediatric
  • Children intervention services
  • Perinatal case management
  • Independent care