We are social animals. Happiness is real when it is shared. As we accumulate experiences along with age, we love to tell stories. As seniors age, they often lose touch with others due to limitation to travel, drive a car, or less living friends. Studies report that unmet social needs lead directly to worse health. This is also same or more for our senior parents. Joynus Care can help our senior parents in many ways. Our caregivers help plan social outing, be their friend, and help them be active physically and mentally.
Conversation partner
Senior parents often have many stories to tell and our companion caregivers can be their friend and attentive listener.Much conversation can be shared while playing cards, scrapbooking, board games, puzzles and this will help ward off mental decline and keep them interactive, engaged and stimulated.
Social Activities
Our companion caregivers can accompany senior parent to a bingo night at the senior center, to the zoo or grocery store just to hang out. Light exercise will keep our senior parents active and physically healthy.