Good nutrition is vitally important for our senior parents. As our parents age, they forget to eat or skip a meal intentionally. They forget to eat by losing sense of taste and smell, thus losing appetite. Some medication causes loss of appetite also. They skip a meal if they live alone because eating alone is lonely. Plus, preparing a good meal can be taxing effort with grocery shopping and preparing. If they have memory problem, they are afraid to cook on the stove. Meanwhile our nutritional need changes as we
age so Joynus Care work with senior parents and their children to coordinate healthy delicious meal through our homecare meal services.

Menu Planning

With consultation from our nurses and dietitian, Joynus Care coordinate right food with senior parent and children. This starts with understanding what our senior parents’ taste buds, preparing well balanced grocery list, cleaning out expired items from refrigerator and pantry and shopping smart.

Feeding and assistant

Weight loss is a signal that senior parent needs help with meal. If our senior parent is physically able to move, our caregivers motivate them to prepare meal and cook with them. Sometimes all it takes our caregiver placing glass of water and fresh salad next to the meal when our senior parent is able to feed themselves. So our caregivers ensure our senior parents are absorbing health nutrition.

Full Meal Preparation

Not everyone are born cook. Even when family member lives with senior parents, preparing a balanced meal can be challenging. Joynus Care provide Full Meal Preparation service where our caregiver can prepare a meal for entire family for breakfast, lunch and dinner.