Joynus Care is a bridge between cultures. Joynus Care shares the passion for raising the quality of life. Joynus Care shares the joy of life.

In healthcare, communication between patient and provider is essential in providing a correct diagnosis and adequate treatment. Clear communication can also increase participation and cooperation of the patient in the patient's treatment and long-term health plan. Clear communication can make a dramatic difference in the success of the patient's health. Using interpreters and translators is a good starting point to break communication barriers, but the language is not the only way we communicate. Successful communication must also acknowledge cultural differences. Understanding culture is essential to clear communication, and clear communication is essential in providing health care. Joynus Care acknowledges that we all come from various cultural backgrounds and it affects the way we communicate and understand each other. We work to build a bridge between cultures for better health outcomes in our community.


Joynus Care is a diverse group of people with different ethnicities and backgrounds that work together to build bridges between cultures through healthcare. We provide private home care services while attending to your cultural needs. We are a diverse group of people with different ethnicity and backgrounds gathered together to build the bridge between cultures through healthcare. We provide Private Home Care services in your own culture that includes languages, food and inside jokes.

The idea of building a bridge between cultures started in 2001 through a sister company, Joynus Staffing when it was serving the Asian Automotive industry. Founder of Joynus Staffing heard the voice of the community along with personal experience became serious about getting involved in Healthcare. Joynus Care was conceptualized and in March 2014 Joynus Care began serving patients.


Joynus Care began providing services in March 2014. We saw a need, particularly in the Asian population, in Georgia for care that recognized the diversity in our state. Since 2014, Joynus Care has made it a priority to listen to our clients' and provide services sensitive to their cultural needs and preferences.


Joynus Care is made up of a caring team of individuals with backgrounds in nursing, public health, and other health-related fields. Our caregivers are certified and trained based on requirements set by the State of Georgia.